100% Is Acceptable, Says Annkio Briggs

The renowned civil/human rights activist, Ms Annkio Briggs has pointed out that only one hundred percent (100%) derivation control of resources would do for the Niger Deltans.

Speaking at the maiden South East/South South Economic Conference [SESSNet] in Owerri, the activist pointed out that before now, in the days of the colonial masters it was a lot better, until selfish leaders took over the affairs of the nation.

More so, above 90% of the oil wells in the Niger Delta were owned and controlled by persons other than sons and daughters of the area.

“Yet, according to her, the only oil well owned by citizens of the area has continued to attract so much security assault, arrests and intimidations by the nation’s security agencies.

“This, she saw as most unfortunate.

“Drawing strength from the reality that key solid mineral deposits in parts of the country especially the North were left to the people to help themselves hundred percent, therefore, the Niger Delta mineral deposits whether oils or any other product should likewise be allowed for the full benefit and control of the people of the area.

Briggs also noted that oil and gas deposits from the area were being exploited for the benefits of even non-oil producing states free, but the agricultural products from the Northern part of the nation come to the Niger Delta with a cost.

“We buy the yam and the rest agric products”, she emphasized.

“The North East, North West and the North Central geopolitical zones are indeed getting more than 60% oil and gas resources they do not produce.

“We have said repeatedly that we don’t want any Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs or the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

“We need 100% control of our resources.”


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